Breeze Pro Bubble Gum Freeze Review
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Breeze Pro Bubble Gum Freeze Review

Breeze Smoke has developed a unique range of disposable vaping devices that have quickly become popular around the world. The company is dedicated to customer satisfaction, and their products are easy to use.

Each disposable device features a large 6mL capacity, 5% salt nicotine, and premium mesh coils that produce smooth vapor. These disposables are available in a variety of flavors and offer 2000 puffs per device.

Bubble Gum Freeze

The perfect storm of fruity bubble gum flavors makes Breeze Pro Bubble Gum Freeze one you will want to vape often. With an icy blast at the forefront, a hint of strawberry on the second note, and a soft bottom note of cotton candy, this pink bubble gum flavor will become your go-to in no time.

This product contains Xylitol (for cavity help), Natural Flavors, and Vegetable Glycerin. Per Serving

* % Daily Value is based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Candy Cane

The candy cane was probably first introduced over 350 years ago when professional candy makers learned that sugar could be stretched and shaped. They were originally all white, without stripes or flavoring, until the turn of the 20th century when they were given their familiar shepherd’s crook shape and peppermint flavor.

Ingredients are pumped from storage tanks into candy cane kitchens where they are heated to boiling temperature and tested for consistency by laboratory technicians. Wintergreen and peppermint oils are then added along with certified FD&C colorants.

Cherry Cola

Thirty years after its debut, Cherry Coke remains a solid choice for retailers and foodservice operators seeking to recruit young people into their brands. Its popularity among adolescents also helps retailers and foodservice providers increase basket size, according to a Coca-Cola brand manager.

This unique flavor blends distinct soda pop sweetness with a hit of fruity cherry and whiff of savory spices for a thirst-quenching treat that will steal the show at your next barbecue. Served on lashings of ice, this flavor’s freshness will last all day.

Cherry Lemon

The perfect storm of fruity bubble gum sensations makes this a flavor you’ll want to visit often. With an ice blast at the forefront, a touch of strawberry on the different note, and a gentle bottom note of cotton candy, this is a Breeze Pro that will take your breath away.

Enjoy blue raspberry disposable vape with one of the top e-juice flavors on the market! This delicious pod device is designed for the vaping connoisseur looking for a unique experience.

Grape Soda

The crisp, refreshing taste of fresh grape soda. Reminiscent of the beloved beverage Carl gives Dug in Up as a merit badge.

Many cheap mass-market grape drinks contain no actual grape juice at all, but rather artificial grape flavor derived from methyl anthranilate. Randy Sprecher fought this trend by starting his own craft soda brewery, and he makes a truly exceptional grape drink that other brands strive to emulate.

Contains carbonated water, sugar, natural flavorings, citric acid, and ascorbic acid. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Gum Mint

Gum Mint is an all-time favorite that’s sugar-free and has no artificial flavors. It’s a refreshing and tasty choice for when you need to freshen up your breath.

Xylitol, natural chicle gum base, mint flavor and other natural flavours, humectant (glycerol), thickener (arabic gum), anticaking agent (magnesium stearate) and coating agent (carnauba wax). 2000 puffs per disposable gadget. 5% nicotine salts.

Lemon Mint

Breeze Pro delivers a fresh menthol flavor that will make you feel like you are breathing in a cold wind on a crisp winter day. This flavor combines flavors that are familiar and unique for a vape experience that you will love!

This is the perfect disposable for any vaper looking to try a different flavor experience. It has a long-lasting 1000mAh battery, 6ml of E-Liquid, and 5% nicotine concentration. The mouth-watering flavors are sure to satisfy any craving you may have.

Lush Ice

Lush Ice is a refreshing vaping experience that is perfect for those who enjoy fruit-flavored flavors with a hint of coolness. It features a delicate balance of watermelon sweetness and menthol that is subtle enough to avoid overpowering the flavor.

With an icy blast at the forefront, a touch of strawberry on the different note, and a soft bottom note of cotton candy, Breeze Pro Bubble Gum Freeze is a wonderful storm of delicious flavors. It is available in nicotine-free and nicotine-containing versions for your convenience.